Elections are held at the Beetown Town Hall, 7764 County U.  Open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm  . ABSENTEE Ballots:  Contact Sharon Bontreger for Appointment 608-723-9015 or mail Absentee request to 9719 State Road 81, Cassville, 53806

Annual meetings will be held at the Town Hall on the 3 rd Tuesday in April at the Town Hall starting at 7:00 pm

  Please see the posting of the 3 yr comparison budget and resolution for 2017 at the Post Office, Beetown Feed and the Town Hall.

 The Beetown monthly town meeting was held on September 7, 2017 at Noon at the Beetown Town Hall.  Present were Chairman Kurt Snider, Supervisors Bart Breuer, and Mark Joyce, Treasurer Pamela Clauer, Clerk Sharon Bontreger and Patrolman John Barr.  Members at large where: David Hughes, Susan Anderson, Maxine Firari and Tim Scherrman.  The Chairman called the meeting to order and offered proof of posting Notice at:  US Post Office, Beetown Tire and Beetown Feed along with a copy at the Beetown Town Hall and on the Township Web.  Resident’s time to voice concerns and requests: David Hughes, and his 2 daughters were present to voice their disapproval of the high power lines being built.  Current lines go through David’s property and are not far from their house.  The new lines would come even closer and transmit extremely higher voltage of power.  They have an eagle’s nest near the proposed site, Indian mounds in the area and concern for the high power lines being so close to their home.  They cited information that Bart and Sharon had heard at the North Andover meeting held a week ago, with the lack of necessity for the lines, the new lines will do nothing to upgrade our failing local infrastructure, the power the lines will carry will not benefit us and that the cost of the construction of these lines will be paid for on local electricity bills for the next 30 to 40 years.  Their study shows that we will see an additional .20 cents a KLW on our bill to pay for the construction of these high power lines.  The easement on the property that the lines go through will change from 150Ft width to approximately 300 ft Width.   They encouraged the board to adopt a resolution to ask for a study to be done for the need for the line and cost to the local electric bills.  Mark Joyce stated he would want to hear from the other side before adopting a resolution.  There is a meeting on September 19th at Montfort 7pm to 8:30 for further information.  Tim Scherman, a grader salesman gave a presentation on what it would cost to upgrade our 1986 Grader and trade it in on a newer model.  He has someone that is interested in purchasing one like it.  The cost with trade in would come to 175,000.  The board discussed it and feel that we will be using the grader very little since most of our roads are now seal coated. 

 Patrolman Report:  John reported that the Peterbuilt is still having problems with the transmission.  He has not called GUYS to schedule fixing it.  They have been using it to haul rock to shore up a field road at the Hughes property.  They should be done with it this week. Presentation of the bills was made by the clerk.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay the monthly bills in the amount of $77.,65.84.  The Treasurer reported $126,998.26 in the checkbook as of the 1st of the month.  Deducting bills paid at this meeting our checkbook balance will be approximately $5,500.    The chairman called for the clerk to read the minutes of the last meeting.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes as read. FEMA and flood damage was discussed.  David Braun sent Sharon an email thanking her for the detailed documentation of the damage.  It made it easier to verify and document for submission to FEMA.  The overall loss of the state qualified for FEMA help.  We will probably not hear how much, if any assistance we will receive.  The news reported that FEMA is going broke with the Hurricane damage in Houston, Texas; the Hurricane coming toward Florida this week and the fires burning in Montana, Oregon and California.   There is a lot of work to be done to fix roads due to the flood before winter.  Black Jack Rd is really bad.  There was damage done to the road by a farmers’ disk dropping on the road and tearing up the seal coating.  John has contacted both Fahrner and Scott to see if either can get here yet this fall to fix the damage.  Neither have returned his call.  The WSLR is due to be done before December.  Kurt will work with John and finish it after we are sure of what, if any, work will be done to fix the damages to the roads by the disk and the flood.

 The Deyong’s received the letter from the Board to clean up their stuff from the right-a-way on Old Beetown Rd.  They were not happy about it.  Only one of the car’s have been removed.  Kurt suggested letting them know that West End Salvage will come and pick up the stuff and they will probably receive a check for the metal.  John will see if he can talk them into doing it rather than the township.  If we do it we will keep any monies received for the stuff on the right-a-way to cover expenses.

 Fuel Bid:  With the refineries being closed down in Texas and the gas prices going up recently by .20 or more, it was agreed that we purchase off the truck until a later date.  We currently have approximately 507 gal of Dyed Diesel, 575 Gal of Road Master @ 2.169 and 1845. Gallons of Propane @ 1.0-99 for heating on contract.  The heating LP should last us through the winter.  Kurt will verify the Diesel as he was quoted 1100 gals of Road Master left.  Sharon will call and ask them to put the delivery tickets in the big black mail box or send them to her.  A Motion to purchase fuel off the truck at current prices after the contracted fuel is gone and better prices were available, was made, seconded and carried.

 Fencing on the right-a-way by Casey Caley’s was discussed.  He put in a new fence line and placed it within a few feet of the road and attached it to the Guard Rail.    It is a hazard for vehicles traveling the road and for John to plow.  A neighbor Pat Best called the board and reported it.  He said he had to move his fence back because it was on the right-a-way and that Casey has to do the same.  Pat Best has a gravity box and round bales on the right-a-away also.  When the fence was put in new, it should have been set back off the right-a-way.  Kurt will speak with him about it. 

The settling of the sidewalk in front of Marsha Reynolds house was discussed.  It would cost approximately $1200 to have foam put under it to raise it.  There would also be a problem with holding the foam in since the one side is open.  Sharon suggested just breaking the slab out and re-pouring it.  It would be cheaper and easier than trying to figure a way to lift the slab and getting something under it.  

 The article in the Towns magazine supporting a Staffing Service Organization was discussed.  It would take care of staffing issues for the township such as sharing a clerk with another township, hiring a patrolmen etc for a fee.  When Sharon was elected she found that the township was paying a company to contract insurance coverage for our liability insurance.  It was costing approximately $1,200 a year for their services.  This did not provide any coverage for our insurance costs.  She brought it to the attention of the Chairman (Pam Clauer) and we decided to stop using their services.

 Road repair expenses yet to be done and paid for in 2017 are:  Winter chips, cold mix to patch flood damaged roads, Chip sealing to be done by Fahrner or Scott’s if they can get to us.  Price is unknown at this time.

 Road Repairs for 2018 budget line was discussed.  The township decided stay with repairing 10 miles a year commitment.    We do not know what, if any help from FEMA will come our way.  Our budget for 2017 Road Repairs was 144,000.  Our guess is that we will be over that amount this year.  We anticipate the needed budget for 2018 Road repairs will be approximately $179,000.    Our overall equalization value for our township has raised from $46,686,400 to $52,466,700.  The main force for the increase in evaluation is the Blake’s Point RE LLC hog set up on Diamond Grove Road.  The valuation for 2016 is a little over 5 million.  It was fully finished in 2017 so the evaluation will increase to somewhere around 15 million.  Our evaluation will increase again.  The Board cannot determine if we will need to get a loan before the end of the year.  Sharon will make up the budget for adoption at the October meeting. The high powered Electrical power line was discussed.  The Board feels they would like more information.  They would like to attend the meeting on the 19th of September in Montfort to gain further information before deciding on whether to pass a resolution or not.

 Pam reported that the Equipment CD is up for renewal.  As directed, she will take the cashed in value of the CD and add the 20,000 that is in the Equipment savings account and open a new CD at the Clair Bank in Bloomington.  Decision to do so was so that we keep under the federally insured amount for the township in one bank.  Next months meeting was set for October 5th at 6:00 pm.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the September minutes as read.  _______s_____  Sharon Bontreger


 Budget Hearing Minutes:   2016

2017 – BUDGET HEARING November 15th 6:00

 The Public budget hearing was called to order at 6:00 pm on November 15th 2016 by Chairman Thomas Cartwright.  Present were Chairman Thomas Cartwright (Chairman),  Bart Breuer & Mark Joyce (Supervisors), and Sharon Bontreger (Clerk). Pamela Clauer (Treasurer)  Members at large were John Barr and Dale Bontreger;   The Budget was presented;  The public was invited to speak on the proposed budget for 2016

**There was no discussion on the proposed budget.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the Budget Hearing at 6:05 pm


The “Special town meeting of the electors of the town of Beetown, Grant County was called to order by Chairman Thomas Cartwright at 6:06 pm. on November 15th, 2016.  Present were Chairman Thomas Cartwright, supervisors Bart Breuer and Mark Joyce, and Clerk Sharon Bontreger. Treasurer Pamela Clauer.   Members at large were:  John Barr and Dale Bontreger.   A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the following budget items : 1.  Approved the Resolution to exceed the allowable tax levy adopted by the town board at the October 3, 2016 Board meeting.   A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the levy to be collected in 2017 pursuant to Section 60.10(1)(a) of Wis Statutes of $162,202.00 increase and repayment of debt of $50,000 due in October of 2017 for a total levy of 212,202.00 .   2.  A motion was made, seconded and carried by the Town Electors to adopt a Resolution to Exceed the allowable tax levy on an ongoing basis (see attached).   A motion was made, seconded and carried to close the special town meeting of the Electors at 6:08 pm


 The special meeting of the Beetown Town Board was called to order immediately after the Special Town meeting of the Electors of the town of Beetown – Grant County.  Present was Chairman Thomas Cartwright; Supervisors Bart Breuer and Mark Joyce, Treasurer Pamela Clauer and Clerk Sharon Bontreger.  Members at large were John Barr and Dale Bontreger..   A motion was made, seconded and carried to adopt a Resolution to exceed Levy limit on an ongoing basis of $162,202.00 + 50,000 to repay the loan due October 2017.  The Resolution is attached.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the special meeting of the town board at  6:15 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted by:                                          __________________s________________________

Sharon Bontreger                                            November 15, 2016

Beetown Township Clerk







 Annual Meeting held on April 18, 2017, at 7:00 pm.  At the Beetown Town Hall.

 The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.  In attendance was chairman Tom Cartwright, supervisors, Bart Breuer and Mark Joyce, Treasurer Pam Clauer,  Clerk Sharon and Chairman Elect Kurt Snider.  There were several members at large totaling 8

 A motion was made, seconded and carried to make Peoples state Bank the bank for regular deposits.  AYE - 08    NAY - 0

 A motion was made, seconded and carried to make Clare Bank a second bank of deposit during tax times when our balance may go over what the FDC will insure. AYE – 08   NAY - 0

 A motion  to participate in the county road aid program with paying 2,000 for 4,000 return was made, seconded and carried. AYE – 08  NAY - 0

 A motion was made, seconded and carried to allow the board borrow the maximum allowed, not to go over 200,000 as necessary for operational purposes. AYE – 08  NAY - 0

 A motion was made, seconded and carried to donate to area rescue squads in the following amounts:

Cassville Rescue - $150;  Lancaster Rescue – 450.00 and West Grant – 1036.  Aye – 08   Nay – 0

  A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and carried at 7:20 pm.

 Sharon Bontreger – Beetown Township Clerk. /s/

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