Please see the postings at the the Town Hall for the 2017 Budget and the Boards Resolution..

NOTICE:  CEMETERY RULES:  Arrangements MUST be on Stone.  Others will be removed.  Please Take old ones with you.


NOTICE:  The Annual meeting will be always held on the 3rd Tuesday in April at 7:00-pm at the Town Hall unless otherwise noticed.

 NOTICE:  Monthly Meeting Minutes are Posted "after Board Approval" under the Clerk's Tab.

NOTICE:  BOR will be held on June 1st 12:00 NOON 2017, to adjourn to a later date this summer due to the assessment roll not being finished.

NOTICE:  2017 Fall budget Hearing meeting will be held on November 15, 2017 at 6:00 followed by the Special meeting of the Town Electors to approve the Levy, followed by the Special meeting of the TownBoard to approve the Budget. 

WANTED:  Pictures to hang in the HALL.  Old time family or maybe pictures of your farm's.  8 x 10's or 5 x 7's.  Contact a Board Member

NOTICE:  The Governor signed 2 bills affecting Towns.  Notices that are placed in 3 public places has been amended to the ability to place one on the Township WEB-site and one in a public place within the township.  .  Notices are now posted on the WEB-site and one at the TOWN HALL.

MINUTES will be posted under the CLERK tab and at the town hall after they have been approved at the following BOARD meeting.

NOTICE:  The Beetown Township Annual Meeting will be held on the 3rd Tuesday in April 7:00 pm  "EVERY YEAR"


.HALL RENTAL change notice.    Contracts and 2 separate checks (one for the rent and one for the DEPOSIT) MUST be received by Sharon Bontreger, 9719 State Road 81, Cassville, 53806 for the date to be reserved.  She will tell you where to send or put them.  "DO NOT JUST" leave them at the hall, house or any other place.  Contract and checks may get lost and your date will not be reserved.

.Checks must be made out to:   Beetown Township

.The Hall can be rented to other than Township residents with different rental costs and DEPOSIT amounts.  See the contract

.  Your deposit check WILL be returned un-cashed "if" there is no damage or mess.  If the Park is used, it must also be cleaned up.

.  A continuing Annual reservation can only be made by RESIDENT individuals or businesses.  The rest are 1st come and meeting contract, payment etc policy 1st to reserve.

2017 Budget Adopted by Board November 15th, 2016 Levy 162,202.00 + 50,000 debt = 212,202.00 to be collected in 2017

 NOTICE of Spring Election held on April 4, 2017:

 Office:                                                                                                 Incumbent

Town Board Chairperson                                                                    Kurt Snider

 Town Board Supervisor                                                                       Bart Breuer

 Town Board Supervisor                                                                       Mark Joyce

 Town Clerk                                                                                          Sharon Bontreger

 Town Treasurer                                                                                  Pamela Clauer

  Sharon Bontreger – Town of Beetown Clerk.

Monthly Agenda:  December 2017     -- Beetown Town Hall

December 2017 12:00 noon


  • Call to order/Proof of Posting/ Members, Residents present
  • Residents' time to voice concerns and requests
  • Patrolman-- Report of problems/ review weekly accomplishments
  • Presentation and approval of monthly bills
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Reading and approval of previous month's minutes
  • Resolution: Road Contracting Timeline
  • Ordinance Revision-- Authorization Alternative Claims Procedure
  • FEMA update
  • Road Rating
  • TRID update
  • Bridge Aide for University Farm Road
  • Update on Old Beetown Road Issue and action taken-- if any
  • Update Cell/Internet expense for board
  • Resolution: Expense Reimbursements
  • Procurement policy
  • Other Business that may legally be brought before the board
  • Budget Year to Date figures-- Possible need for a new loan

      Set the date and time for the next monthly meeting

      Adjournment time: __________________

Monthly meetings are held on the 1st Thursday after the "First Monday" at 12:00 noonunless posted differently.