Resolution # 8 2017

 Support of a Statewide Moratorium on Construction and expansion of industrial-sized Concentrated Animal Feeding.

 A RESOLUTION OF THE Town Board of the Town of Beetown, finding that imminent peril exists to the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the town of Beetown, and declaring support for a state-level moratorium on the building, placement, or expansion of existing concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) within the State of Wisconsin.

 WHEREAS, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) administers the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) Program, which regulates the discharges of pollutants to surface and groundwater from concentrated animal feeding operations, industrial wastewater treatment facilities and municipal wastewater treatment plants and;

 WHEREAS, the nonpartisan State of Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau reviewed the DNR’s performance implementing the WPDES Program and found in Report 16-6, dated June 2016, that the DNR failed to administer and maintain a WPDES permit program consistent with the requirements established under the Clean Water Act (CITE) and Chapter 283, Wis. Stats; and

 WHEREAS, 36 of 1,900 required self-monitoring annual reports submitted by concentrated animal feeding operations were electronically recorded by the DNR and 98% of the required annual reports were not electronically recorded and, therefore, not available to DNR staff responsible for monitoring compliance and enforcing regulations.; and

 WHEREAS, the result of industrial agricultural contributions of fertilizer and manure runoff into surface water and groundwater shows increasing levels of phosphorous, nitrates, and bacteria in the water supply leading to degraded water quality and water quantity; and

 WHEREAS, human health and welfare is impacted by the construction, operation, and expansion of CAFOs in the State of Wisconsin; and

 WHEREAS, all CAFOs that are operating under expired WPDES general and/or individual permits are operating without a permit that reflects the most current laws and standards implemented at the federal and state level to protect water quality.

 NOW, THEREFORE, the Town Board determines that an emergency exists which affects the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the town of Beetown and that the Town Board supports a state-level moratorium on the building, placement, or expansion of existing concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) within the State of Wisconsin.

 DATED THIS 10th Day of August, 2017.

 _______s_________________                   ___________s________________                                   _______s__________________

  Chairman Kurt Snider                           Bart Breuer Supervisor                                 Mark Joyce Supervisor


Attested:  _______s____________________

                      Sharon Bontreger - Clerk


 Resolution of Town Board to Propose Exceeding Levy Limits      Resolution # 10-3-16

            Whereas, the State of Wisconsin has adopted levy limits on town, village, city and county levies for 2016 and thereafter under s. 66.0602 of Wis. Statutes;

            Whereas, s. 66.0602 of Wis. Statutes limits the allowable local levy for 2016 to a percentage increase of no more than the greater of (a) 0% of the 2015 payable 2016 adjusted actual levy as calculated under the state's levy limit law** or (b) a percentage equal to the percent change in equalized value due to net new construction; which for the Town of Beetown is 0 percent;

            Whereas, the Town Board of the Town of Beetown, Grant County believes that for the 2016 tax levy (collected in 2017)  it is in the town’s best interest to exceed the state levy limit as described above by a greater percentage than  0   

      Whereas, the Town of Beetown 2015 payable 2016 adjusted actual levy  is

$159,803 ; And further whereas the state law would limit the increase to $0   for an allowable town tax levy of $159,803  before adjustments, for 2016, collected in 2017. 

            Now Therefore the Town Board of the Town of Beetown_, Grant County does hereby resolve and order as follows:

  1. The town board supports an increase in the town tax levy for 2016 that will exceed the state levy limit. 
  2. The town board directs that the question of increasing the town tax levy for 2016  (to be collected in 2017) by 1.5 percent , which would increase the town levy by $2,397._ for a total town tax levy of $162,202  + the loan amount of $ 50,000, , shall be placed on the agenda for the special town meeting to be held on November 15, 2016.  

This increase shall be ongoing.

Adopted this _6th day of October, 2016. 

Signature of Town Chair:   s) Thomas Cartwright                                                                        

Attested by Town Clerk:    (s) Sharon Bontreger

*Note this resolution must be posted within 30 days of adoption by the town board, pursuant to s. 60.80 of Wis. Statutes.  It also needs to be adopted by the town board at least 15 days prior to the special town elector meeting at which it will be voted on.  This is because the special town elector meeting must be noticed at least 15 and not more than 20 days in advance pursuant to s. 60.12, Wis. Stat.

**Note that the starting point for this year's levy may not always be last year's actual levy.  In some cases the starting levy for this year may be "adjusted" if there is a reduction due to a debt payment coming off the levy or a reduction for services transferred to other governmental units, etc.  Please contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at (608) 261-5360 if you have questions about your allowable levy for this year.

 RESOLUTION # 2015 – 11 – 12 FENCE VIEWING CHARGES WHEREAS, From time to time land owners may have Fencing issues with their neighbors that cannot be agreed upon. WHEREAS, The Township Board can be called upon to resolve the Fencing issue’s If the Land Owners cannot resolve the issue amonst themselves. WI Status, Chapter 90. WHEREAS, The Statutes require 2 Board members and the Clerk to view the fence and record the description and decision’s made. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board of Beetown Township HEREBY sets a fee of no less than the Board Compensation reimbursement for attending meetings, per hour be paid each Board Member. As of this date “November 14, 2015” is $70.00 example: $70.00 x 3 = $210.00 an hour. Which will be split 50/50 for each land owner in the disagreement. The hourly amount may change as the reimbursement for attending meetings by the Board changes. Adopted this 12th day of November, 2015 ____-s-_ Thomas Cartwright – Chairman  -s-_ Bart Breuer – Supervisor Mark Joyce – Supervisor Attested to by: -s-_. Sharon Bontreger – Clerk Beetown Township

Ordinance No. 11 – 12 -2015 Treasurer Bond AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF BEETOWN, GRANT COUNTY, WISCONSIN, RELATING TO TAX COLLECTIONS BONDS THE TOWN BOARD OF THE TOWN OF BEETOWN, GRANT COUNTY, WISCONSIN, DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: Section I: The town of Beetown, Wisconsin does hereby elect not to give the bond on the town Treasurer provided for by s.70.67(1), Wis. Stats. Pursuant to s.70.67, Wis. Stats, the Town shall pay, in case the Treasurer thereof shall fail to do so, all taxes of any kind required by law to be paid by such Town to the County Treasurer. Section II: This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication or posting as required by law. Adopted and approved this 12th day of November 2015. _ s_ Town Chairman ATTEST:   -s-  Sharon Bontreger - Clerk