Beetown Township 9719 State Road 81, Cassville, WI 53806

Chairman:  Kurt Snider – (608) 732-6619© Patrolman:  John Barr – (608) 794-2626 or (608) 330-1232© Clerk – Sharon Bontreger (608) 794-2527 or (608) 723-9015©

December 7, 2017  TOWN POLICY – Public Works Bid Policy

 The Town of Beetown will follow the following bid policies

 $5,000             No bid required for contracts that will be $5,000 or less

 $5,000 – $25,000        Companies will be contacted to submit bids by email, in  person, or U.S. Mail to the Chairman by a specific date.  These         companies will have a bid history within the last 3 years and  their work has been satisfactory to the town board.   The bid  will be awarded to the company that best fits the needs of the  town with financial and/or quality of work considered.

 Over $25,000       Town will advertise in the Herald Independent with bid specifications or contact information on where to obtain the              specifications.  The bid will be awarded to the company that best  fits the needs of the town with financial and/or quality of work                               considered.

 EXCEPTION:   For contracts with governmental entities, the Town is not required to put out on bids.  (see s. 60.47(4), Wis. Stats. Unless a Town Road Improvement Program (TRIP) project. In a case of an emergency, the Town Board will adopt a resolution that there is an emergency that endangers the public health or welfare of the town. No bids are required to solicit bids for services such as assessing, garbage collection, lawn mowing, attorney services etc.

 By:  __________________________________    Kurt Snider -Chairman

 Attested to by:  _________________________________  Sharon Bontreger - Clerk


Beetown Township 9719 State Road 81 Cassville, WI 53806

Chairman:  Kurt Snider – (608) 732-6619© Patrolman:  John Barr – (608) 794-2626 or (608) 330-1232© Clerk – Sharon Bontreger (608) 794-2527 or (608) 723-9015©

 The Town of Beetown has set Procurement Policy as follows:


The Board will do a road inspection between March 15th and April 15th of each year.   At least 2 Board members, Full time Patrolman and if possible the clerk, will be on the road tour in one vehicle.   Notes will be taken listing Names and conditions of each road.  A list of the 6 or 7 worst roads will be made, with a description of each road stating the condition and work that will need to be done in order of worst to best for the current year bids.  Gravel, Cold Patch and winter chips will be done each listed separately in the bid process.

 A Notice for bids will be put in the Lancaster Herald Independent for cost per mile for each process indicated (Wedging, seal coating etc).  Gravel will be bid by the YARD, Cold patch by the Ton.  Winter chips by the Yard along with trucking and mixing with salt costs.  There may be situations that the Board may decide to call or email each vendor and ask them to email a bid, which the Board may choose from in consideration for price, time line to finish the work and past experience with quality of the end product.

ROAD MAINTENCE POLICY:   Roads are traveled regularly by the Patrolmen and board members.  Maintenance needs are noted and action taken by the patrolmen on a regular basis to keep the roads repaired and safe as the budget will allow.  Major repairs will be on a bid process as above.

 LARGE EQUIPMENT PURCHASES:  Equipment needs over $5,000 will be handled by: The Board will research at least 2 companies for price comparison.  This may be done by personally visiting the site, internet or other means to get the best price for the item.  The Patrolman may be asked to assist in the search.

 EQUIPMENT repairs:  The board will authorize the repairs and the vendor or will give that responsibility to the Patrolman.

 SUPPLIES:  Supplies will be purchased on a “as needed” basis and can be purchased by the Patrolman.  Items costing more than $1,000 must have board approval at a regular monthly meeting unless it is an emergency, in this case the Chairman or a Board member may authorize the purchase verbally, with written authorization submitted at the next regular Board meeting for the record.  

 Kurt Snider – Chairman                                                               Attested to by:  Sharon Bontreger Clerk


 STATE OF WISCONSIN  Town of Beetown  Grant County

 This resolution, adopted by a majority Town of Beetown Board, at a properly noticed monthly meeting, resolves and orders as follows:

 Reimbursement by the town is authorized for elected and appointed town officers and employees for the following travel, meals, and lodging costs and expenses authorized and incurred by these officers and employees in their duties for the town.  The rates and the lodging, meal, and travel costs, time compensation and expenses authorized are as follows:

 Meetings attended by a board member for 3 hours or less within Grant County $35.00 + mileage at the going rate. (Fall Budget hearing Nov 2017)

  1. Meetings attended by a board member outside of Grant County for 1 to 4 hours $50.00 + mileage at the going rate. Mileage will be for 1 vehicle and members will car pool when possible.  (Fall Budget hearing Nov 2017)
  2. Meetings attended by a board members for 4 hours or more $70.00 + mileage at the going rate. Mileage will be for 1 vehicle and members will car pool when possible.  (Annual meeting April 2016)
  3. Board members attending the annual BOR will be compensated at $70.00 each. (Annual meeting April 2016.
  4. Township business over and above regular township Monthly and Annual responsibilities: (Annual meeting 2016)

                Board members will be compensated as follows:   Road maintenance or related, at the same rate as of the patrolmen that is, or would be on duty at the time of service.  Town Hall maintenance @ The custodian positions rate at the time.   Administrative duties over and above regular Town Monthly and Annual needs at the hourly rate to be the same as the Regular Patrolman’s   hourly pay at the time of service + per diem.

 Adopted this day of December 7, 2017     Chairman – Kurt Snider  Attested to:  Sharon Bontreger - Clerk

  RESOLUTION # 2015 – 11 – 12 FENCE VIEWING CHARGES WHEREAS, From time to time land owners may have Fencing issues with their neighbors that cannot be agreed upon. WHEREAS, The Township Board can be called upon to resolve the Fencing issue’s If the Land Owners cannot resolve the issue amonst themselves. WI Status, Chapter 90. WHEREAS, The Statutes require 2 Board members and the Clerk to view the fence and record the description and decision’s made. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board of Beetown Township HEREBY sets a fee of no less than the Board Compensation reimbursement for attending meetings, per hour be paid each Board Member. As of this date “November 14, 2015” is $70.00 example: $70.00 x 3 = $210.00 an hour. Which will be split 50/50 for each land owner in the disagreement. The hourly amount may change as the reimbursement for attending meetings by the Board changes. Adopted this 12th day of November, 2015 ____-s-_ Thomas Cartwright – Chairman  -s-_ Bart Breuer – Supervisor Mark Joyce – Supervisor Attested to by: -s-_. Sharon Bontreger – Clerk Beetown Township

Ordinance No. 11 – 12 -2017 Treasurer Bond AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF BEETOWN, GRANT COUNTY, WISCONSIN, RELATING TO TAX COLLECTIONS BONDS THE TOWN BOARD OF THE TOWN OF BEETOWN, GRANT COUNTY, WISCONSIN, DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: Section I: The town of Beetown, Wisconsin does hereby elect not to give the bond on the town Treasurer provided for by s.70.67(1), Wis. Stats. Pursuant to s.70.67, Wis. Stats, the Town shall pay, in case the Treasurer thereof shall fail to do so, all taxes of any kind required by law to be paid by such Town to the County Treasurer. Section II: This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication or posting as required by law. Adopted and approved this 12th day of November 20157 _ s_ Town Chairman ATTEST:   -s-  Sharon Bontreger - Clerk