Cemetery Rules

Beetown Township Cemetery Rules

August 9, 2018

Cemeteries Included

Beetown, Burns, Flora Fountan (Slabtown), Mankle, & Pleasant Ridge

  1. There will be no foot stones allowed.
  2. There will be a six (6) inch extension of the monument base past the monument on all sides. The base shall be flush with the ground.
  3. Nothing may be installed without the prior permission of the Town Board. Where to dig and where to install monuments must have prior approval.
  4. All stones must be mounted on solid bases of good Quality cement with reinforcing.
  5. All debris (dirt) left over from graves and monument work must be removed.
  6. No trees or shrubs may be planted without approval of the Town Board.
  7. All decorations, flowers, religious articles must be attached or fastened to monuments.  If they have to be moved for mowing they will be removed and discarded.
  8. All trash of any kind must be removed from the cemeteries.
  9. Up to 2 cremation vase or urns may be added to a lot, 4’ x 8’. There is no extra charge if the person buried owns the lot. If the urn is added to a lot owned by someone else, there will be a $100.00 charge payable to Beetown Township in place of perpetual care. There will also be a charge for urn burial, payable to the undertaker.
  10. The price for a burial lot is $300.00 each beginning January 5, 2011. This is for one burial.
  11. The price for the second cremation on a lot is $50.00
  12. If for some reason these rules have to be changed or new rules added they shall apply when approved by the Beetown Town Board.

Beetown Town Board
Attested to:  Sharon Bontreger , Clerk

For Records, or purchase of grave sites contact:  Alvin Bontreger (608) 794-2212 

Placement Rules

  1. Normally graves lay East to West. Size is normally of lot 4’ x 12’ feet. Grave opening is 3’6” by 8’1” feet. The opening starts at East end of lot and goes West. This leaves undisturbed dirt at West end of lot where Monument goes. A couple, (man and wife), have heads to west end of lot, bodies face EAST. Man normally on the right side as you face EAST.
  2. Grave Digger normally removes excess dirt after grave is filled. If you want extra dirt you must tell digger at the time of opening. Don Wilson 1-608-375-5589 Boscobel – Digger.
  3. When you mark the area where grave is to be dug, mark full size i.e. 4’ x 12’ or whatever size is.